Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Dr. NoiseM - Studio Works 22 [Dr. NoiseM Tapes]

Recently released via his own Dr. NoiseM Tapes-imprint is Dr. NoiseM's latest, and twenty-second, sequel of his "Studio Works" series which brings us ten new journeys in experimental music from his endless studio vaults. Opening with the short intro cut "Dr. NoiseM" which is a brutal, yet partly even melodic slo-mo take on Rhythm & Noize whilst the following "Bad Santa Trip" takes us into bleepy glitches, ultraspeed Breakcore and sonic chaos. The next one is "Bantu", a 16 minutes journey into score'esque, brooding  Dark Ambient, "Born To Noise" fully lives up to the expectations evoked by its title, serving nearly 14 minutes of distortion- and feedback-heavy digital HarshNoize before the "Earth Sound Sequence" is as cold and eldritch as the lightyear wide emptiness of deep space far beyond our own galactic cluster. For a portion of "Extra Suffer" we see Dr. NoiseM go down an alley of rhythmic modular synthesis, walking the thin line between pure experimentation and Electronica for hyperadvanced dancefloors, his "Funkstar" is an excursion into deep, experimental Dub and the short interlude "I Have A Sampler" plays around with voice transformations, glitches and cut ups in a quite interesting way. Finally "In The Name Of Love" caters a 13+ minutes maelstrom of storming, grinding and scraping (White)Noize and the concluding cut named "Kapotte Muzik" deals with nearly inaudible, slowly shifting low frequency arrangements and therefore explores one of the more extreme variations of already extreme experimental electronic music.


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