Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Ekoplekz - Bioprodukt [Planet Mu 386 Promo]

Put on the circuit only a few days ago is "Bioprodukt", the latest, and fourth, longplayer crafted by Ekoplekz for Mike Paradinas' Planet Mu-imprint and, tbh, our expectations are not really set high as in the past none of the music the Bristolian Nick Edwards released was able to grab our attention - to be more clear: most of the times it just seemed off everything, chaotic, totally random and therefore not of any interest. That's the status quo we're coming from, entering the albums opener "Elevation" which comes across as a first surprise with its structured, slightly Reggae-/ Dub-infused Electronica approach followed up by "Consequences", a lo-fi take on Cosmic Techno reminiscent of the likes of Hieroglyphic Being whilst an "Expedition" redefines the term Braindance for 2k17, presenting a playful, friendly and heavily spaced out vision of advanced, dancefloor-friendly Electronica with a well captivating twist. In the realms of "Acrid Acid" things are based on a raw, slow 4/4 and tripping subaquatic modulations, the "Slipstream" gets us knee deep into warm Electronica Dub, "Calypzoid" is quite a unique, abstract, yet uplifting variation on outer space dance music and "Transcience" is going back to the straight 4/4, garnished with fever'ish percussion elements and mystical, atmospheric synths for an extra thrill. Furthermore the "Descent" amalgamates synth-heavy melancholia, melodic abstraction and ritualistic slo-mo Techno, "Low X-Over" weighs in epic, repetetive and hyperorganic Ambient structures with a few Dub elements and the final track "Denier Daze" is closing the journey that this album is in a super-friendly, calm and peaceful Electronica-based manner. Surprisingly good, this.


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