Monday, July 03, 2017

Myllargutens Gammaldansorkester Vol. 2 [Myllargutens Gammaldansorkester 002]

Incoming from Norway probably due to the amount of mostly experimental Norwegian music featured on these pages throughout the past two years is the compilation named "Myllargutens Gammaldansorkester Vol. 2" which is comprised of an arrangement of thirteen tunes from the past 100 or so years of Gammaldans - a specific genre within the Folk music of Norway. Played by a fifteen piece orchestra with half of its members of non-Norwegian origin the mostly instrumental cuts on this album reveal the more uplifting, positive and defo dancier side of traditional Norwegian Folk music which, although not in its often fiddle-centric instrumentation, partly seems to be very related to what is associated with Celtic Folk for our untrained ears but also unveals some ballad'esque, highly romantic moments with a dark'ish undertone as to be found in "Vals Etter Mor", caters a little bit of an Exotica vs. Country twist in "You So Funky", even brings in some crooning oldtime feel in the well exciting vocal cut "To Sma Fugler Pa En Gren" or gets speedy with a tropical vibe on "Pa  Sønderled". Interesting stuff, although this is defo not our regular field to play in musically.


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