Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Martin Merz - Prisma [Vordergrundmusik]

Released earlier this month is "Prisma", the longplay debut by Martin Merz who is catering a sweet menu of ten thought out tracks on this well-recommended vinyl release. Opening with footsteps and the glitched out Ambient Electronica of "Nocturnal Emissions" it becomes pretty obvious that we're not about to enter the spheres of a regular club album here, rather we're meant to explore deeper realms and a wide variety of sonic shades including the deep space Electro abstractions of "Kinetics", the masterly crafted, Detroit-infused Intelligent Techno of "Transalp" which could've easily found a home on any of the Clone-related labels or a more chromatic amalgamation of Acid bleeps, beautiful strings and muscular 4/4s to be found in "Pick Up Your Phone". Furthermore the "Algorithm" reprograms advanced dancefloors with sparse and spatial Techno deepness and dubbed out off-kilter chords, "Clubbin", a collaborational joint with Kosmo Kessler, combines tripping German vocals and spaced out Electro whereas "Drop Your Money" provides a more demanding approach in terms of straight floor-focused 4-2-the-floor, grinding synth modulations and filtered stabs as well as a overly compressed Disco claps for underground club sessions which find a proper continuation in "Strain And Budge". With "Drive" Mr. Martin Merz is going down the Ambient / Intelligent Techno route again, providing another fine array of his trademark strings, "Ether" crosses over into kitsch-dripping realms of the neon 80s arrangement-wise whilst bringing in warm organic basslines and hyperclean beats from the UK-based Future Garage realm for a grand finale. Good stuff, this. Check!


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