Thursday, July 20, 2017

Sound Of Yell - Light The Currents [Infinite Greyscale 011]

Released via Berlin's Infinite Greyscale-imprint only recently as a limited to 300 copies 10" edition is "Light The Currents", the second vinyl release by the British Folk / Experimental outfit Sound Of Yell after their longplay debut in 2014. Coming in in two parts we see the first one, originally written for an exhibition of artwork by Katy Dove, provide a tender, yet lively acoustic feel of innocence and early autumn melancholia perfectly depicted by the vocals of both Georgina McGeown and Victoria Morton which are deeply embedded in the mix like another slightly blurred layer of instrumentation whilst "Light The Currents (pt2)" provides more of a warm and organic instrumental Folk feel that's laid back and all embracing like a beautiful summer's afternoon used to be in everyones childhood memories. Lovely.


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