Monday, July 17, 2017

Enderie - Tape 1 [A Guide To Saints 017 Promo]

Put on the circuit only a few days ago via A Guide To Saints is "Tape 1" by Enderie, a project by Andrew McLellan who aims to document the intensity of contemporary city living with the six tracks to be found on this album. Opening with "Let Systems Decide (A Laser Beam)" Andrew McLellan reveals a clear vision of dry, experimental, fast paced Techno providing a FreeTekno / Teknival related sense of aesthetics and various layers of raw, Industrial sounds as well as repetetive vocal works not unrelated to DJ Marcelle's latest outing whereas the "Meal" comes in at a similar vibe but gets darker and way trippier on a Broken Techno level whilst weighing in deadly bass synths to kill even the most Hardcore loving punters in underground warehouse raves with brutalist sound domination techniques. Relying on "Stopped Memory" we're taken to dubbed out, Illbient-resembling lands of highly detailed vocal glitches where we're getting ready to "Attack The Power Of The Hordes" with pure Industrial bass power and well thought out polyrhythmics. Furthermore the second to last tune "Sore" weighs in a hard, distorted and hyper-compressed killer groove for all die-hard lovers of proper Hardcore, Rhythm Industrial, Noize and pitch black, apocalyptic rave signals before the final cut named "It's A Feasible Feat To Be Here" provides more of a grinding, repetetive and braincell-wrecking mindfuck for strobelight-driven late night sets. Recommended for the headstrong!


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