Monday, July 17, 2017

Miguel Angel Tolosa - Ephimeral [Sofa Music]

Released on April 7th, 2k17 via the Norwegian label Sofa Music is "Ephimeral", the latest album effort created by Spanish composer Miguel Angel Tolosa who has been involved in several of the imprints releases throughout the past years - both as an artist as well as mastering engineer. Aiming at nothing more than focusing  on '...the experience of time through listening with an additional, subtle emotional element' he provides a selection of ten tracks on this longplay piece, starting with "Rio De Cristal" a beautifully droning piece of Ambient / Deep Listening music followed by the short interlude "Tropismos" which fuses deep drones with electrical clicks and buzzing as well as what seem to be underwater Field Recordings whilst  "El Reino Azul" seems to explore dark and deadly Death Ambient-spheres located somewhere in extragalactic planetary systems far out and beyond. With "Contornos" Mr. Tolosa returns to 124 seconds of what he introduced with the albums opener, "Sol De Plomo Y Purpura" starts with real time thunder only to cater nothing but crystalline Ambient layers once the tunes intro is over, "Fragmentos De Ti" is built from the subfrequent sounds of slowly shifting tectonic plates which are accompanied by various layers of hissing white noise and the short interlude "Palida Y Movil, Sombra" provides a feel of solemn and ritualistic meditation of sorts. Furthermore we've got "Musgo", maybe the most threatening and unsettling piece on this album, pairing heavy downpour and cold scraping echoes of sci-fi machinery, "De Un Pais De Hierro" takes us down a similar path in terms of unrest and intensity and the final "Alla Lejos" closes things down on a click-heavy, fluttering DarkAmbient level instead of providing a peaceful goodbye. Nice one.

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