Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Ulrich Troyer - Songs For William 3 [4Bit Productions 007]

Catching up with piles of promos these days we're now taking a closer look at  "Songs For William 3", the March 24th, 2k17 released full length album by Ulrich Troyer which is the third and final part of a trilogy and comes with an additional comic book alongside the vinyl or CD format. Released via 4Bit Productions the longplayer caters a menu of eight tracks which are - beware of conceptual stuff here which also involves the additional comic book - dealing with 'the story of a breakup from the perspective of a stomp box called William and a MS-20 filter clone called Charlotte'. And yes, this is a one on one quote from the press release. The opener "At Muff's Place" paves the way for great things to come with a deep, laid back and yet sophisticated take on Dub whilst "Back On The Market" picks up on this and adds a little bit of lovely vocoder work and quirky mid-range synth bleeps for a bit of variation. "Dark Roots" is more spaced out than dark with a plastic steppers rhythm, more Skweee'ish synth works and a friendly, bleepy main motif, the "Megalomaniac Microsynth" floats a few feet above the ground with a dubbed - and weeded - out attitude whereas  "Horny Chiptunes" still provide a sparse Dub foundation but gravitate more towards playful late 90s / early 00s Electronica in terms of melodic lo-fi aesthetics. Furthermore we see "Cruising Down The Belt" providing a bit of a crooning bedroom attitude for robots with seductive vocoders and panoramic widescreen string arrangements, "I Miss Your Noise" enters slightly psychedelic, Miami Neon 80s-influenced realms and somehow evokes memories of Kavinsky's slow jam "Nightdrive" before "Alone On A Crowded Bus" finally leaves Dub alone and goes into deep meditation on Electronica vs. what seems to be a very ritual, Ambient-infused take on guitar distortions. Good stuff, this!

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