Sunday, July 30, 2017

Vilde & Inga - Silfr [Sofa Music]

Put on the circuit on May 12th, 2k17 via the Norwegian imprint Sofa Music is "Silfr", the sophomore album created by the string duo Vilde & Inga which saw their critically acclaimed debut "Makrofauna" appearing on the well respected ECM label back in 2014. Building their musical works on the acoustic magic of violin and double bass as well as on a non-traditional approach of free improvisation the duo caters a run of ten tracks with this one, starting with the tense, buzzing, high speed Folk approximations provided by the albums title track whereas "Usynlig Flimmer" fuses a contemplative, inward looking campfire feel with captivating, outerworldly flute tones and "Urtjern" brings in dark'ish tension with fluttering, scurry bass works and floating overtones. In "Røykkvarts" the two musicians are serving an interesting fusion of scraping and chafing sounds in combination with single tones coming from plucked strings, "Fljota" weighs in autumnal, super-minimalist acoustic melancholia, "Sprø Glimmer" caters more of a nerve-wrecking approach to off kilter works on the high frequency spectrum whilst "Karbontiden" is comprised of a contrapuntal ebb and flow of string modu- and manipulations, building up tension - and distortion - all over the tracks' 329 seconds runtime. Furthermore we see "Kvikksølv" as a playful under two minutes interlude providing slightly (Neo)Classical qualities, "Aurum" is going down a deep, calm and atmospheric, partly even ambient'ish alley and the final cut "Skinnende Stein" provides a harsh, yet captivating contrast of high frequency violin play and deep droning, in parts even threatening ultra bass - a horrifying, yet highly recommended composition that should be featured as a score piece in low budget slasher movies for a reason.

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