Sunday, July 23, 2017

Jeffrey Roden - Threads Of A Prayer Volume 2 [Solaire Records 004]

After we reviewed the first volume of Jeffrey Roden's "Threads Of A Prayer" series in November 2k16 it's now about time to take a closer look at "Threads Of A Prayer Volume 2" which has been put on the circuit via Solaire Records in mid-May 2k17. With a total of nine tracks stemming from the same session as the ones featured on its predecessor we see the artist continuing his journey into both minimalst and (Neo)Classical composition starting with "The Field", a trio for violin, double bass and timpani which is based on minimalist, yet tonal repetetion and large amounts of space in between its individual sequences which are turning towards thunderous drama for a fraction of the tunes length at around minute nine whereas "As We Rise Up" - another trio composition for violin, double bass and organ - seamlessly emerges from the aforegoing tune on a more romanticism-loving note combined with a steady underlying bass pulse of organic - and hypnotic - quality. Furthermore the title track "Threads Of A Prayer", a piece for solo piano, caters deepest minor scale melancholia and slowly decaying single notes before a sequel comprised of "6 Pieces For The Unknown" provide a continuation of this path although on a slightly more romantic and partly even chord driven tip. If (Neo)Classical music and minimalism is your thing, this album might be one for you.

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