Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Brutter - Reveal And Rise [Hubro Music]

Released via the ever active Norwegian imprint Hubro Music on June 16th, 2k17 is "Reveal And Rise" by Brutter, the conjunctional project of the two brothers Christian and Fredrik Wallumrød which are working on a new musical language and identity beyond any musical measure on this album. Opening with "Easier Listening" the duo creates a cold, sterile take on Industrial Dub especially recommended to those who've been digging deep into the works of artists like Monolake and related in the past, "Mi Tek No" caters a sequence of multilayered mechanical repetitions, interwoven in various tempos and non-linear ways and "Your House" digs even deeper into the realms of ultraminimalist, dubbed out structures following non-linear time signatures for the most spaced out hours on advanced, yet pitch black dancefloors. With "Stand To Downfalls"  we see more Industrial- / Illbient-related rhythm structures on extreme stereo split levels, "Hide And Sink" caters a more dancefloor friendly vision of abstract Industrial Phonk mixed up with bits of bass music and "Fallfinish" fuses heavy, metallic clangs with endless delays and strangely swirling, syncopated backbeats to create a soundtrack for all of your nightmares. Furthermore we see "Push Push" being the closest to what could be described as Techno on this album despite catering loads of abstract, grinding additions to its quite straight 4/4 meter, weighing in a not exactly halftime signature for all advanced listeners before "Haydnsikh" caters a grand finale for all fans of Illbient and Industrial Electronics, making great use of the whole stereo field like many of the tunes featured on "Reveal And Rise". We like this.

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