Sunday, August 27, 2017

Various Artists - Mad Mats presents Digging Beyond The Crates [BBE Records]

Recently released via Hasting's BBE Records on August 11th, 2k17 is the labels latest compilation entitled "Mad Mats presents Digging Beyond The Crates", put together by Swedish DJ, digger and label head Mads Mats, involved in renowned imprints like Raw Fusion and GAMM as well as the prolific Local Talk outfit, to reflect upon his preferred approach of playing out  - a cross and beyond genre way of picking tunes for the dancefloor, preferrably personal favorites no matter what tempo, era or stylistic drawer these are usually put into. As a true digger in its own right Mad Mats presents a sixteen tune selection of cuts, incorporating instrumental oldskool Proto Reggae like the 1969-released "Big Big Boss" by Johnny Moore as well as contemporary Grime-informed Digi Dancehall as found in the 'Murlo Remix' of Gappy Ranks' "Sherriff", minimal Dancehall killers like Ensemble Entendu's "Jah I See You" or even tripping Skweee / Beatmaker sound with a vintage touch as found in Cuthead's "Badly". Furthermore "Animations" by Intimate Disco adds a lovely Downtempo / Jazz vibe to the tracklisting, "Take A Stand" by Psalms indulges in Boogie and Soul, more epic Soul comes from Yvonne Gray and her massive anthem "Keep The Music Alive" whilst Bobby Hebb's "Evil Woman" comes in with a bit of an Exotica twist mixed up with both Psychedelia and -  again - Soul. Furthermore we find Bill Laurance and "The Pines" catering a lovely take on swinging Piano Jazz, U-N-I (You And I) and their 'Key Trip Dub' of "Don't Hold Back The Feeling" puts deep ass House music on the map and so does the piano- and groove-heavy "Jazz In Out Space" by BSTC whilst Ezel's "Get Down (Ezel Funk Mix)" serves a good portion of slick, proper Funk for intimate, hormone flavored dancefloors. Ossie's "I Hurt  You" covers the more electronic, yet ethereal and super seductive side of high quality House music with a surprising plot twist breakwise, Deft's "The Traveler" goes more up a glitzy SlowHouse vs Beatmaker alley, Mode-M's "Space Based" implements some spaced out Motor City vibes and finally Turbojazz & CT-Hi Ensemble present an excellent retake on the Detroit classic that is "Strings Of Life" - a version and re-interpretation that's out and about to rock dances all over the place for a reason. If proper eclecticism and high quality diversity is your route of choice, this compilation is one to check out!


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