Thursday, August 24, 2017

I Wear* Experiment - Patience [Optical / H'art]

Scheduled for release on September 8th, 2k17 via Optical / H'art is "Patience", the new album by the Estonia-based trio I Wear* Experiment which seemingly took the Baltic region as well as parts of Asia by storm throughout the past years, supporting the British band Hurts on tour and sharing loads of major festival lineups with big names like The Prodigy, Iggy Pop, Martin Garrix and others in their local part of the world. This said, the band opens their full-length debut with its title track, catering lonely Desert Rock guitars with large scale electronic backings and panoramic widescreen vocals of  somehow Madonna'esque qualities which are accompanied by massive rock drums, making clear why big festival stages and arenas are the perfect place for this band to be. In "From Nothingness" we're exploring a well SynthPop-informed ballad with structures we all loved in Rangleklods great "Beekeeper" album, "Deepfreeze" aims at IndieElectro dancefloors whilst embedding kitsch and Disco in its well radio friendly arrangements, "Stress My Friend" brings in an amalgation of Pop melancholia and Rock'ish dancefloor approach for Indie loving teens in love whereas  "Wanting For More" once again fuses an angelic, Madonna-reminiscing vibe - well... Madonna in her heydays that is - with proper Rock and a few electronic intermissions to a stadium filling, spine-tingling effect. Furthermore "No Way Back" comes across as a proper high energy anthem for the mainstream-related audience catering Jazz-infused halftime breaks and epic strings as well as a surprising closing, "Hyperstress" is the most fascinating tune on this album fusing elements of SynthPop, EDM and IndieElectro with glitzy effects and unexpected sonic warps for a massive, crowd-working impact and the concluding "I'm Loving It" calms down in merging more of a bluesy, seductive note and tender electronic bits, creating a sweet and friendly Pop variation towards the albums end. We can totally see why I Wear* Experiment are on their way to the top. Good stuff!


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