Thursday, September 14, 2017

Lali Puna - Two Windows [Morr Music]

Released via Morr Music on September 8th, 2k17 is "Two Windows", a new album marking the end of a seven years spanning release hiatus in the career of Lali Puna which have been making waves with their music since back in 1999. Coming back after such a long period does mean that some things have changed for sure and therefore we're seeing the band turning their heads towards a more dancefloor-friendly, partially even SynthPop influenced approach which is immediately evident in the seductive opener that is the the title track followed by sweet Electronic Pop vision "Deep Dream" which has been featured on these pages in early June. With "Come Out Your House" Lali Puna serve a masterly crafted amalgamation of Indietronica and bass music-infused elements, "The Frame" - a collaborational effort with Dntel - focuses on a floating, ethereal take on vocal-driven TechHouse, "Wear My Heart" somehow evokes memories of the classic "Moments In Love" without aiming to and the "Bony Fish feat. Mary Lattimore" is dripping with tender electronic romanticism and is one of the most  beautiful Indietronica songs we've come across in ages. Furthermore "Her Daily" weighs in a little innocence on a kinda of Dancehall-related Electronica foundation, "Wonderland" brings uplifting Pop aspects and beautiful crystalline synth works to advanced, intimate dancefloors, "Birds Flying High" alongside the great  Radioactive Man gets back into Tech-/MicroHouse territories with warm, all embracing basslines and delicately cut vocal snippets as well as beautiful melodies whilst "The Bucket" is another lively, yet tender banger for open air dances under a vernal sun. Working with Midori Hirano under heer MimiCuf moniker Lali Puna cater "Everything Counts", another delicate excursion into 4/4 territories before the final "Heads Up High" calmy waves goodbye in a more ballad'esque manner. A great comeback, this is!

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