Friday, October 06, 2017

Kryshe - March Of The Mysterious [Serein 013]

Released via the Welsh Serein-label on September 22nd, 2k17 is "March Of The Mysterious" - a 30 minutes longplay affair created by the German Christian Grothe using his artistic moniker Kryshe to accompany the 1915-released silent movie "Alice In Wonderland". Given this more conceptual attitude to serve as a score for a classic film and its well known scenery we see Kryshe combining his love for Ambient music and soft, floating yet ever evolving patterns with loads of live overtones masterly played and performed by real instruments. Be it the widescreen melancholia introduced by the deep Jazz-oriented opener "Queen's Court", the tender Electronica of "Night" or the lovely amalgamation of crystalline Ambient and echoes of Indietronica to be found in "Dissolving Colour", the caressing piano melodies of an "Underlying Reality", the complex, interwoven lines of "Meet The Caterpillar" or the blurred, rainy afternoon melancholy brought to us by the concluding cut "Grey Wind" - this album holds a lot of beautiful moments not only for lovers of scores and electronic music but for everyone around and therefore is a well worthwhile addition to anyone's music collection for sure.   


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