Friday, October 27, 2017

Various Artists / Acid Pauli - Es War Einmal Indianerland (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [Ouie Promo]

What happens if a movie director is working on his new project whilst being highly influenced by the musical works of one specific DJ / producer throughout that time? This is a question answered by the original motion picture soundtrack "Es War Einmal Indianerland"  accompanying the movie of the same name by director Ilker Catak who was listening to the works of Martin Gretschmer a.k.a. Acid Pauli quite a lot when working on the script for his most recent feature film and therefore asked the German producer to contribute to and write the score for the whole movie which he did, alongside a few fellow producer friends like Pupkulies & Rebecca, Mooryc and others. The result is a journey through 27 pieces, some of them skits taken from the movie, some (Neo)Classical Synth Ambient works like Acid Pauli's "Wilhelm Tell" but for the majority of the tunes on here are pretty much dancefloor-infused, incorporating loads of elements of what has been popularized in electronic music from both ends of the spectrum by venues like Berlin's former Bar25 and its successors, labels like Burlesque and also DJ's like Ricardo Villalobos or Shantel - the amalgamation of dancefloor oriented 4/4 structures of a regularly slow kind, think: SnoreHouse etc., and polka, klezmer, shuffle and bits and bops of turkish and oriental music. A fusion which, although we recognized its rising popularity even amongst folks not necessarily fond of regular electronic club music, musically never did anything for us at any point in time and still is filed in the category of  'never even touch with a ten foot pole' which this score isn't able to change at all. Even though all of this music is well-produced and  might make perfect sense in the context of the movie as an album in its own right it is way beyond musical our comfort zone and therefore not our cup of tea at all. And we presume that a lot of our readers will feel the same way.


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