Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Audiac - So Waltz [Klangbad Promo]

It's been a while. Fourteen years, to be more exact. Fourteen years since the Hamburg- / Augsburg-based duo Audiac released their first ever album named "Thank You For Discussing The Outside World" and it has taken its members Alexander Wiemer Van Veen and Niklas David more than a decade to finally finish their sophomore longplay piece, supervised throughout all these years by Faust's Hans-Joachim Irmler and put on the circuit via Klangbad in late October, 2k17. Comprised of ten songs we see the pair moving away from their roots in TripHop / Downtempo over the course of the full distance, steering towards a highly melancholia infused interpretation of crackling, romantic vintage sounds and soulful ballads, built from a foundation of piano and vocals, harking back to the traditions of Jazz and Soul, crooning Broadway arrangements as well as heartfelt intimacy and longing, score'esque arrangements and a unique, slightly distorted aesthetic that seems isolated from each and every thing to be found on the market these days which alone makes "So Waltz" an album that sticks out and can be appreciated by a wide range of music lovers way beyond the labels usual, more experimentally focused audience. 


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