Monday, November 13, 2017

Rafael Toral - Moon Field [Room40 Promo]

Released via the Australian Room40 imprint in early October is "Moon Field", the latest album by the 1967-born and Lisbon-based composer Rafael Toral who has been active on the music circuit since the mid-80s. With "Moon Field" he serves a trio of connected, previously unreleased tracks opening with "The Stars" which is quite an intriguing amalgamation of static background noise, electric piano, bits of Space Jazz and what seem to be modular sounds resembling funny chirping and tweeting extraterrestrial animal sounds that could come from beings similar to the space monster seen in John Carpenter's "Dark Star". Furthermore we see "The Horizon" come up with a seamless transition and continuation of its predecessors theme although providing a slightly different, static and isolationist feel and a distinct hint of ultimate sad- and loneliness despite falling into the Ambient drawer genrewise, even serving what could be identified as ethno flutes from around minute six onwards, whereas "The Field" comes in on more playful, partly even tongue-in-cheek note, emphasizing on more uplifting piano tones and happy, twisted and sometimes weird bleeps over the course of its nearly fourteen minutes runtime. Good stuff.


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