Friday, November 10, 2017

Sequoyah Tiger - Parabolabandit [Morr Music 157 Promo]

Released via Morr Music on October 27th, 2k17 is "Parabolabandit", the first ever studio album put on the circuit by the Italian songwriter and singer Leila Gharib under the name of Sequoyah Tiger. Comprised of ten songs the artist caters quite an eclectic array of musical outings starting with the deep and tender Synth-driven ballad "Another World Around Me" providing a bit of retrofuturist romanticism whereas "Punta Otok" rides on a sweet Cosmic Indie Wave to set dancefloors in motion and "Where Am I?" weighs in distinct yet spaced out Easy Listening / Exotica influences somehow reminding us of  the works of Felix Kubin whilst "Kill The Robber" gets into the realms of well-twisted Stadium Pop with a slight hint of Boney M., kind of. With "Sissi" we see Sequoyah Tiger explore Beatles-resembling Beat ballads, "A Place Where People Disappear" takes those dissolving souls straight to an off-kilter, over the top ElectroPop / Indieelectro dancefloor and "Cassius" gets back into worn out Easy Listening realms featuring cheap drum machines and kitsch-dripping vocals for those in the know. Furthermore "Lemur Catta" dabbles with shifting multiharmonies and overcompressed sequences, "Brother / Brother", a collaborational effort with Black Fanfare, seems to fuse influences drawn from Drum'n'Bass with trippingly intense vocal and choir layers and the final cut named "Brilliant One" is defo a sweet take on Folk-inspired earworm creation and therefore our favorite song on "Parabolabandit" which is an album that's coherent, yet all over the place. 

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