Friday, January 26, 2018

Heal - Espace D'Incertitude [Sound On Probation Promo]

Scheduled for February 16th, 2k18 via Sound On Probation is "Espace D'Incertitude", the latest album created by Laurent Perrier under his Heal-moniker, a longplay piece split into two sides, each of them dedicated to a certain brand manufacturing modular systems - Buchla and Mutable. With five tracks on the Buchla and four on the Mutable side the artist uses and abuses their specific devices and takes us on a journey with "Post Pesto", exploring a musical field which, despite being fully electronic, evokes memories of Classical art music and formal dances, "Numero D'Etape" keeps up the playful repetition whilst gravitating more towards classic Electronica / IDM vibes, "Terrain Vague" keeps things clean and, in an abstract way, Electro related whilst presenting a swirling, horrorscore worthy bassline, "Par-Devers" drifts into hypnotic, sub-aquatic realms of click- and glitch-driven Ambient / Electronica and "Fer De Lance" presents spiralling fountains of repetetive, slowly evolving synth modulations. For the Mutable side we see "Monologue" serve an array of sparse, yet beautiful pads catering to the needs of all Ambient lovers worldwide, "Hysterese" fuses warm Ambient structures with crystal clear synth tones, reprocessed femal vocals and calming, ruminant guitar layers whilst "Paids D'Evidence" brings a majestic, slightly vintage (Neo)Cosmic feel into play whilst electroid tones cater a rhythmic foundation before "Stridule" finally waves goodbye, kinda picking up where the album started and presenting another formal, defined structure for dancing although being more playful in terms of modulations and tonal variety.


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