Monday, January 15, 2018

Sascha Müller - The Dark Side Of The MS-20 [Defenestrated Records]

Going back into time and rewinding things back to year 2007 we're taking a look at Sascha Müller's three track CDr-release "The Dark Side Of The MS-20" today which actually was put on the circuit as a limited to 30 hand-numbered copies only run via the US-based imprint Defenestrated Records which ceased operations in 2010. Providing a menu of three untitled tracks the first, and main, tune of approx. 14 minutes length brings forth an echo-heavy, subaquatic take on electronic experimentation which certainly is made to accompany a heavy, reality warping journey into the land of psychedelic drugs and ghostly entities from the multidimensional outerworld followed by 153 seconds of pure static Noize in form of slighty rhythmic, atmospheric crackles and a 5+ minutes excursion into deep, Ambient-driven bass pulses fused with scientic bleeps and sweeps from a highly retrofuturist future which make this last of the three tunes the most fascinating one out of the triple featured on this collectible mini album for sure. If you're still able to find a copy a decade after its initial release you should grab one.


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