Saturday, January 13, 2018

Various Artists - Children Of Harsh [Gerpfast Raw Tape Division]

Albeit already being released in April 2k17 this massive Noize overkill cassette tape was handed over to us only a few days ago. Put on the circuit by the Indonesian underground imprint known as Gerpfast Raw Tape Division as a hand-numbered edition of only 25 copies worldwide this heavy and hard to get by compilation features a a total of 50 - sic!!! - artists of which the majority hails from Indonesia like Theo Nugraha, Grintabachan, Rhinoplex Vigil and many more but also sees contributions from places like Germany, Australia, United Kingdom, Siberia / Russia, United States, Italy and other countries, with each and every artist providing a Noize / HarshNoize outburst of approximately one minute length to this album. This said, it's surely impossible to review every single track in detail but if you're a fan of the genre and insane sonic ultraviolence as well as a collector of underground tape releases this one will cater to your needs for sure, serving an international dish of Noize created by the likes of Dr. NoiseM, A Raja's Mesh Men, Ghost Skull, Harsh Noise Movement, I Eternal and numerous other ambassadors of audible warfare.

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