Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Sextile - Albeit Living [Felte 044 Promo]

Released via the Felte-imprint somewhen throughout 2k17 is "Albeit  Living", the sophomore album created by Sextile who've already been featured on these pages with their killer track "Ripped" a few weeks prior to this post. Opening their new ten track journey with "One Of These" we're directly drawn into a heaving mass of Wave and Goth fanatics getting off to the harsh, highly energetic vibe of the tune whereas "Who Killed Six" brings more of a distorted Garage Rock meets PostPunk feel to the table with its anthemic, scream-a-long attitude before "Floored" is an echo-heavy, dark'ish effort sporting raw flogging snares and a screaming, horror'esque athmosphere which is reminiscent of Tropic Of Cancer's uber-hit "Be Brave" and "Mental" serves a Punk-influenced mental mayhem with harsh, aggressive sounds smashing everything into bits within seconds."Sterilized" keeps up with the dancefloor friendly, uptempo vibe for the punk'esque creatures of the night, the stop-and-go vibe of "Das Cat" might also be appreciated by an Indie-loving audience, "Situations" explores more Wave-heavy territories, "Crisis" seems to be the albums most accessible and therefore hit single-like song albeit being heavily distorted and wall-of-sound infused whilst the final cut "AVC" is based on marching drum machines and a cold electronic vibe paying homage to NuBeat, Industrial and Acid for the darkest hours on the dancefloor. Proper interesting stuff, this.


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