Monday, February 12, 2018

Visible Cloaks - Lex [RVNG Intl.]

Put on the circuit via the great RVNG Intl.-imprint on December 8th, 2k17 is "Lex", the latest EP release by the Portland-based duo known as Visible Cloaks, loved and appreciated for their unique, dreamlike and cyberreal approach to their work which we showcased in the feature of their EP track "Keys" a while ago. With six tracks - or seven in the Japanese edition - their latest outing proposes the existance of a utopian dream language, starting with the multi-layered Ambient-outing "Wheel", going deeper into realms of playful, slightly Vaporwave-infused Electronica bits in "Frame" whilst exploring communication strategies of the future with the beauteous, yet outerworldly vocoder piece that is "Transient". The title track weighs in a strange yet soothing approach to warped, ever shifting synth sounds and soft, atmospheric layers, the 14 minutes main piece that is the "World" beams us inito heavenly, softly lit Ambient gardens reminiscent of nothing less but the main concept known to believers as 'paradise' before the Japanese bonus cut "Permutate Lex" provides a way extended, alternative take on the albums title track for all those loving their tunes exceeding the 10+ minutes mark for a reason.


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