Saturday, March 10, 2018

Sascha Müller [Super Six Records Extra 063]

Recently released via his very own Supersix Records-imprint is Sascha Müller's latest untitled twelve track album which starts with "Funktionales Karma Part 02", a piece of ultraminimalist ElectroPhonk with a jazzy twist whilst "Hypnotised" is a well-seductive blueprint of raw and pumping, Dub-informed House for those who know, "Funktionales Karma 03" dives deep into realms of subaquatic, drexciyan Electronica / IDM and "Pure Analog Part 01" brings on raw electroid Techno sporting ever morphing sawtooth synth lines and hints of Acid. With "The Cube" we're getting a serving of beautifully deep low-end Ambient Techno, "Zebrabeat I" is laying out some captivating, raw take on wildstyle AcidHouse, "Abuse Your Illusion" weighs in stripped down, highly functional Techno and "Burn Up My AKS" offers a well tripping journey into abstract, highly distorted realms of Unformatted Techno and abstract screaming Phonk for highly advanced dancefloors that do groove along to Lassigue Bendthaus-productions as well. Furthermore "Funktionales Karma Part 04" goes deep into spatial, droning Ambient territories and pinging synth garnishing , "Modern Primitive Evil (Part 02)" brings back memories of first retrofuturist  steps in electronic music production committed by the likes of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and other avantgarde studios of the time, "Pure Analog Part 02" caters more epic AcidHouse action and the final cut "Zebrabeat II" takes on a more wildstyl'ish Acid attitude for dancefloors in ecstatic motion. Good stuff.


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