Sunday, April 22, 2018

Ayuune Sule - We Have One Destiny [Makkum Records / Rebel Up Records]

Put on the circuit as a collaborational effort between Makkum Records and the freshly founded Rebel Up Records is "We Have One Destiny", the first officially signed album by Kologo artist Ayuune Sule which, amongst a whole of eleven tracks, includes a new and updated, fully studio produced version of his first significant hit "What A Man Can Do A Woman Can Do More Better". Opening with the conscious and surprisingly calm "Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right" we see Ayuune Sule pave a unique path, fusing classic Kologo vibes with soulful call-and-response chorus sequences and clear HipHop / Rap influences whilst "Eye Vim" brings forth a broader, electronically infused AfroPop / Worldmusic vibe in which one might also recognize hints of so-called Shangaan Electro, "Say Yime Ma" marks a return to the intense, raw and grassroots variation of the genre, focusing only on a man and his instrument as well as reponding choirs before "Asibi" featuring Atimbila and Chikicheke leans towards a summery, laid back 4/4 approach for a WorldPop audience and "How To Get There" switches back to classic Kologo once again and therefore is one of our favorite tracks on this album, besides adressing actual educational problems in Ghana in a simple, yet direct way. "Keleke" featuring Linda Yinimi on vocal duties defines a modern, complex take on this Ghanaian style, bringing mid-tempo havoc to highly advanced dancefloors whilst "Pongse" gets into more soulful, yet stripped down territories, "Parimame" seems to reflect some echoes of Americana in a way whilst being another classic Kologo bomb, "Senyaane" weighs in a slightly grinding, deep and campfire'esque aspect and the concluding tune "Beele Yere" waves goodbye on a tender tip, revealing the most beautiful and loving side of the Kologo genre. Good stuff.

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