Thursday, April 19, 2018

Jemh Circs - (Untitled) Kingdom [Cellule 75]

To be released on April 20th, 2k18 via Cellule 75 is "(Untitled) Kingdom", the sophomore album outing by multimedia producer Marc Richter a.k.a. Jemh Circs who's building his specific sound on a foundation of found sounds and samples taken off modern Pop music as well as other sources he stumbles upon on Youtube and other digital platforms. Working along the lines of this approach we see Jemh Circs deliver a one hours stream of blurred sonic events, split into a whole of 24 fractions a.k.a. tracks and short skits which are well cryptically named sporting titles like "PG/YY/A", "(AA)", "Lac Dali", "CRISP/Cas9" - the biggest and most recognizable hit on this album btw -, "Animals.....Animals" etc., meandering in between Ambient, (Un)Ambient, Illbient, IDM, Glitch and Plunderphonics to create a dreamlike, unique world of reprocessed information overdose that even crosses over into Breakcore-infused territories at rare occasions, hits melancholia-ridden Future Jazz, CutUp or echoes of Clicks'n'Cuts like the Oval'esque "Milch" for those in the know. Proper stuff, although not as remarkable as Jemh Circs self-titled debut album release put on the circuit back in 2016.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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