Friday, April 20, 2018

Skydive Trio - Sun Sparkle [Hubro Music]

Freshly released via the Norwegian Hubro Music-imprint is "Sun Sparkle", the sophomore album of the Skydive Trio which is comprised of its leader Thomas T Dahl on guitar as well as Mats Eilertsen on bass and Olavi Louhivouri on drums. Meandering through a variety of mostly Rock-infused styles the trio opens with the aptly named "Launch", a restrained fusion of Clash'esque elements and Progressive SoftRock, progresses into the tender and carefully arranged PostRock affair that is "Convoy" which provides a beloved soundtrack for sunsets after a hot summers day, followed on a similar path by the slightly more spaced out, 4/4-based "Apollo" sporting some epic solo guitar workouts before "Engine Rest" provides some super calm, all-embracing textures and nearly three minutes of total relaxation. Furthermore "Descending" adds up a little more complexity to the groups intricate instrumental structures, working towards a muscular musical thrill and a peaking, yet well structured crescendo, "Surface Stride"  can be described as a take on super slow DubRock if one wants to open a yet unexplored musical drawer whilst "Spruce" provides more of an supernaturalist, innocent feel for quiet hours strolling through endless meadows and "Ascending" brings back the straight forward SpaceRock aspect of the Skydive Trio's work. Towards the end we see the title track "Sun Sparkle" providing more of a slow, floating and relaxed PostRock vibe and the final cut "Wish I Was Who? (Camera Off)" is closing out with an Americana-infused twang. Defo one for all guitar-lovers out there.

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