Sunday, April 29, 2018

Dead Cat In A Bag - Sad Dolls And Furious Flowers [Gustaff Records Promo]

Scheduled for release on the Polish label Gustaff Records on May 18th, 2k18 is "Sad Dolls And Furious Flowers", the fresh album brought to us by Dead Cat In A Bag, the multi-membered band / ensemble which features not less than 21 musicians on the bill for this longplayer. Opening with the brooding PostPunk meets Wave meets Spoken Word effort "Sad Tolls" Dead Cat In A Bag set the bars high for things to come, continues greatly with "Promises In The Evening Breeze", a dramatic Tango-esque DesertRock Noir effort, followed by the dark Americana bit that is "Thirsty" which brings on even more drama before "Not A Promise" is more on an inward looking tip, led by beautiful piano lines, soft acoustic guitars and longing TexMex-infused brass parts for a dusty western flic and "Muneca" caters one minute of pure guitar beauty. With "The Voice" things get intense, raw male vocals mix up with heavy distortions and seemingly electronic beats for a dark, Metal (Not Metal) feel, "The Place You Shouldn't Go" presents more of a bluesy vibe, "Waste" is based on a foundation of (Neo)Classial violins and deep atmospheres before breaking out into a Hillbilly Country attack in tilt mode and "Le Vent" is more of a longing, Film Noir'esque affair. Covering Lou Reed's legendary "Venus In Furs" we see Dead Cat In A Bag deliver their most Pop-focused, yet far from mainstream take on this longplayer, the Shakespeare-inspired "The Clouds" gets deeper into heart-felt melancholia, "Mexican Skeletons" are dancing a slow dance whilst '...riding horses in the sand' and "Furious Flowers" weighs in the cutest childs voice intro we've heard in quite a while before providing a sweet musical theme for the end of a hot summers day, somewhere... in the desert.


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