Sunday, April 29, 2018

Locust Fudge - Oscillation [Play Loud! Productions Promo]

Longevity is a thing. For a band to be around for roughly 25 years is a big thing. To come back with a new album after a two decades gap without having ever fully disbanded in a sense that the musicians involved stopped talking or working with eachother on other projects is an effort. But still: this is what Locust Fudge have achieved with "Oscillation", their latest outing put on the circuit via Play Loud! Productions on April 13th, 2k18. Bringing forth a uptempo, lively Indie meets Grunge attitude that's big in the 11+ minutes opener the duo turned live trio provides a ten track body of work that'll surely align with their old fans as introduces them to a whole new generation with melancholia-infused, introvert tunes like the deep "Come On In", easier vibes on "Hormones" or the roadtrip adventure anthem on tilt mode that is "No Defense" we see the band cater quite a solid, yet a little dusted album comeback that has derived from unfinished studio sessions, occasional meetings and songwriting efforts all put into one, creating tunes like the rhythmically complex "Relativity Check" or indulge in romantic love songs like the classic "Mine Be Thy Love". With "Something's Wrong" Locust Fudge are bringing back teen angst and distorted Grunge guitars, "We Shall Be Released" is another lovely uptempo jam for underground venues familiar with the occasional Wave or Punk show on the bill as well whilst "Do Not Go Gentle" comes up with an Americana-esque, folksy feel and the title song "Oscillation" gravitates more towards a straight up daytime radio Rock vibe for a reason. Not a bad thing though, although nothing new, unheard of or musically super thrilling is happening around here. Solid.


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