Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Evelien Van Den Broek - False Memories [EVDB001]

Recently incoming via a letter from the artist herself is "False Memories", the latest full on album effort created by the Dutch producer and songwriter Evelien Van Den Broek who is dealing with the concept of the human brains' oftentime untrustworthy recollections of events that never happened. Inspired by The False Memories Archive created by A.R. Hopwood she creates an eleven track serving of Electronica-infused Avantgarde Pop opening with the multilayered, intense and dancefloor smashing "Pop Out" which seems to transfer the experimentalism of the legendary Bitch Band No I into a modern day and age whereas "Creatures" mixes up GlitchHop-structures with more of a Björk'esque feel and "Twin" provides a kind of digital romanticism, fusing vocals and a digital backbone with zithere'esque  pluckings to make up a 2018 blueprint for quality Indietronica that will surely appeal to a wider scale of listeners far beyond pure electronic circles. This said, and with these three track / song fusions paving the way for things to come, including the most captivating "Breathe" and its melancholia-infusing, slightly DarkJazz influenced movements as well as tongue-in-cheek humour-driven, yet heavily compressed instrumental backbone of "Mouth", it's pretty obvious that "False Memories" can already be placed amongst the most unique and groundbreaking album releases of this year, one that provides an essential core of both individualism and conceptualism that makes it stick out, hardly comparable as well as genre defying, carving out a distinct niche of its own whilst leaving an essential mark on the electronic music circuit for a reason. Check!


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