Sunday, April 15, 2018

Trou - Nebelsturm [Depressive Illusions Records]

Going back to the year 2013 with this review, taking a closer look at Trou's "Nebelsturm" album which has been released as limited to 33 copies CD-r back in April 2013 via Depressive Illusions Records in a special DVD tray housing with full colour artwork. Having reviewed quite a few releases by this French underground Noize artist we're pretty aware of the direction this four track, 41 minutes album effort might go, starting with the astounding and well hypnotic rhythmic pulses of "Was Einmal War" - a track that evokes fond memories of earliest Fred Bigot releases which by the time were monolithic masterpieces in their own right. Following up is the title track "Nebelsturm", an alarming, well-grinding 10 minutes journey into the realms of Industrial and Unformatted Techno catered before "Schattenfestung", the longest and therefore main piece on the album, explores beautifully droning Dark Ambient structures accompanied by layers of electrical buzz whilst the final cut "Nihil" caters a thrilling take on ever spiralling, yet abruptly ending, Death Ambient transmitted from a far, exoterrestrial future. Defo the best Trou longplay outing we've come across so far. Get!

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