Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Glyn Bigga Bush - Sunken Foal Stories [Jahmoni Music / Lion Head Recordings]

Coming in with a thing a little outside his usual box is Glyn Bigga Bush, one half of the legendary Dub / Rockers outfit Rockers Hi Fi, with his most recent longplay release "Sunken Foal Stories" which has been put on the circuit as a collaborational joint between Munich's Jahmoni Music and Lion Head Recordings. With 21 tracks spread over a roughly 30 minutes playtime, partly intricately interweaving and inspired by audio experimentation driven by irregular loops, specific samples and accidental juxtapositions rather than proper bass music or any dancefloor related functionality at all we're taken into a totally secluded universe, a realm of experimentation and sonic science in which occasional beats are present, yet only just another piece of a musical puzzle of jingle length compositions, presenting a feel of dreamlike Psychedelia as well as bits and bops of Jazz, echoes of legendary projects like the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, cut-up techniques, Plunderphonics, collage, text-to-speech programming and many more influences, aiming at no specific target but leaving the listener confronted with a monolithic, unprecedented body of work that opens up more questions than presenting answers, especially for fans of Glyn Bigga Bush's work up to this date. One release to explore and to discover undiscovered little details in with every new listening session. Intredasting.


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