Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Yair Etzony - Deliverance [False Industries 023]

Released via his very own label False Industries in early March, 2k18 is Yair Etziony's sixth and most recent album "Deliverance", the first one since the Israeli composer relocated from Tel Aviv to Berlin. Providing a six track effort spanning approx. 40 minutes playtime available both as cassette and as digital download the artist takes us into a world ruled by eternal darkness with the opener "Justice", presenting droning bass layers alongside eerie atmospheres as well as a super slow moving feel of creeping Illbient, evoking pictures of gargantuan ancient creatures wandering subsurface realms of a destroyed planet before a surprisingly lively, yet haunting synth motif spreads even more tension and horror whilst "Am Aller Ecke" dives deep into minimalist Cold Ambient seas and "Gesundbrunnen Ghosts" seemingly are more friendly, calm and curious creatures, populating interdimensional fractures found in Germany's capital city. "Unheimlich", the tune to follow up is as eerie and haunting as its German translation, bringing forth slowly morphing, raw bass figures, more creeping Illbient beat structures and dystopian, sci-fi atmospheres whilst the path towards the "Unterwelt" follows a steady midrange drone, passes cataclysmic flutterings and contrasting ethereal pulses of growing intensity before the concluding title track provides an excellent an most thrilling fusion of minimalistic tribalisms and stripped down Future Dub, following the traditions of Shackleton's MythStep in a well thrilling, saving the very best musical outing of this recommended album for its final minutes. Good stuff.


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