Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Mick Sussman - The Rosenberg Algorithmic Music Generator: Selected Works, Vol. 1 [The Sublunar Society 053]

Released via The Sublunar Society on May 11th, 2k18 is Mick Sussman's new longplay effort named "The Rosenberg Algorithmic Music Generator: Selected Works, Vol. 1" which sees the American avantgarde composer delivering an album fully created by Rosenberg, a software device created by Sussman himself which automatically and independently creates music based on a sequence of randomized processes which are in detail described in the albums booklet. In employing this algorithm for the composition of the album as a whole Sussman does not only touch on the philosophical question on the authorship of the 19 tracks presented and if he, as creator of the software, is also responsible for or owning of any of its creative output but also creates a new music in itself, fully artificial yet also wondrously relatable in its polyrhythmicity, an amalgamation of Glitch and Electronica coming together with what can be identified as Tribal patterns and elements of repetetive, ritual music from all over the world - an impression coming to mind after going through the first 15 minutes of the whole album, having experienced several compositional tempos and becoming accustomed to the unusual sonic landscape brought on by Rosenberg software which seems to rely on an acoustic midrange more than on the low end of the spectrum for a reason. Quite an interesting take on computerized music, computer music, art music for an audience obsessed with artificial intelligence and similar themes although also suitable for advanced, very open minded sound explorers beyond that specific target group.

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