Saturday, May 05, 2018

Joana Gama / Luis Fernandes - At The Still Point Of The Turning World [Room40 Promo]

Released via the Australian imprint Room40 on April 5th, 2k18 is "At The Still Point Of The Turning World", the first ever collaborational album effort by Joana Gama and Luis Fernandes. Created in a period of mutual loss the two artists came up with a six track-spanning longplayer that starts with the abstract and muffled slo-mo rhythms of "Neither Flesh Nor Fleshless" which are the dry, alienated foundation for a set of intense, haunting synth waves whilst the "Perpetual Possibility" is characterized by plucked guitar string abstractions, vibrating violins of (Neo)Classical origin, a deeply melancholic three tone piano motif and large scale atmospheric build-ups whereas "The Pattern Is Movement" caters to the needs of a cold, sci-fi Drone audience although elements of Synth and (Neo)Cosmic are defo present in this tune as well, adding a bit of light and mystique to the slowly meandering soundscape which dissolves into heavenly beauty throughout its course. The hyperintense next tune "Through The Vibrant Air" has been featured on these pages a few weeks ago and can be listened to in its entirety on this blog, "Lucid Stillness" relies on piercing single piano tones, highly digital clicks and a minimalistic, steady background atmosphere to create a most hypnotic sonic vision that suddenly shifts into (Neo)Classical experimentalism and the final cut "Shaft Of Sunlight" sticks with the plangent piano but gravitates towards a calmer overall note musically.


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