Friday, May 18, 2018

Extra Large Unit - More Fun, Please! [PNL Records 040]

Put on the circuit only recently via Paal Nilssen-Love's PNL Records is "More Fun, Please!" by Extra Large Unit - an extended 27 musician including version of his already large scale FreeJazz band project Large Unit. Performed live at Oslo's Only Connect Festival back in 2k17 this album is a 33 minutes spanning one take recording of the ensembles show, a thrilling, spine-tingling, yet highly demanding tour de force through its musical abilities and technical versatility, catering stripped down elements of Future Jazz, thundering chaos and havoc, classic, yet experimental bits of Jazz Noir, hectic, score'esque interludes of epic qualities as well as references to the genres early greats, more down to earth Desert Rock- / Delta Blues-inspired bass sequences and much more, all written and conducted by Paal Nilssen-Love himself with additional on stage improvisation and intervention from the ensemble. A hard to grasp, yet intense ride for all those looking for something special and surely intellectually challenging that, at the same time, can be experienced by instinct only as well. We like. 

Album artwork on Instagram!


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