Thursday, May 17, 2018

E Ruscha V - Who Are You [Beats In Space Promo]

Put on the circuit in early March, 2k18 via Beats In Space is "Who Are You", the latest musical outing by Eddie Ruscha using his artistic guise E Ruscha V for this longplay effort which is grouping a whole of nine tracks within a total running time of 35 minutes. Presenting a dreamy, ever floating musical vision the opening tune "The Hostess" fuses crystalline Ambient movements with a twangy, Hawaiian slide guitar twist whereas the albums title track "Who Are You" seems to reference a well thought out and highly fascinating take on Space Reggae / Space Dub before "Gravity Waves" redefines laid back, dreamlike, beach-focused Electronica Dub for 2k18 and "Lights Passing By" fully falls back into psychedelic pillows of wafting Ambient soundscapes. The following cut "In The Woods" caters a beautiful take on mellow, percussive Indietronica meets Future Jazz before we're "Carried Away" by floating, off-kilter Easy Listening, 80s drum kits and big time piano romanticism. Entering the lands of "Roots And Branches" we're greeted by an overall feel of ultra-organic loveliness, experiencing an "Endless Sunday" comes down to listening to highly touching, romantic and vocoder driven Exotica / Future Jazz freestyles - whilst discovering a future classic in its own right - before "All Of A Sudden" this album comes to an end too soon, waving goodbye on another dreamy Psychedelia tip to be appreciated by those in the know. Get this, quick!


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