Monday, April 30, 2018

Axel Dörner / Torben Snekkestad / Flavio Zanuttini / Florian Walter - Bruit 4 [Umland Records 014]

Coming in with a letter from the Essen / Germany-based label that is Umland Records was "Bruit 4", the most recent, 2017-released album created by a crew of musicians consisting of Axel Dörner, Torben Snekkestad, Flavio Zanuttini and Florian Walter. With all  of them being dedicated and internationally acclaimed trumpet players the quartet came together with the intention to present and fuse four different variations of the trumpet - firebird trumpet, trumpet, reed trumpet and hechtyphone - as well as different approaches towards tonal executions on the instrument within eight untitled tracks. What sounds like a very niche approach accessible only for specialists and highly, as well as theoretically, trained listeners results in longing, minimalist and almost modular sounding experimentalisms in the opening cut which seemingly comes up with a little bit of a tongue-in-cheek twist halfway through which is followed by a klaxon'esque, deeply melancholic cut of late night Future Jazz whereas cut three presents an ultraminimalist feel well relatable to for followers of ElectroAcoustics or Clicks'n'Cuts and similar genres. Part four of this eight tracker sees the four musicians exploring a multilayered, more tonal take on regular sonic emissions from their instruments, following a certain rhythm throughout the tracks approx. 9 minutes runtime, part five leads into territories of highly experimental Free Jazz and Improv whilst bringing on most fascinating bass wobbles and part six takes us towards more aggressive Free Jazz eruptions throughout its total runtime of 134 seconds. Furthermore we see part seven gravitate towards more melancholia embedded in Future Jazz experimentalisms before the closing part eight gets back into a mixture of total improvisation and hefty, harsh and noisy attacks for those in the know. Demanding stuff.


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