Monday, April 30, 2018

Sascha Müller [Super Six Records Extra 065]

With his next album on his very own Super Six Records-imprint we see Meppen's Sascha Müller serving another menu of quality electronic music consisting of twelve tracks. He is opening with "Dirty Harry Spoke To Hell", a sweet and hypnotic take on AcidTrance for those who know before serving to more minutes of solemn Gong Ambient with "Gong 02", followed by a bubbly, dry and uplifting uptempo ElectroAcidTech affair named "Pure Analog Part 06" and "Tiefenrausch" is giving us a grinding string of slightly distorted low end pulses whilst referring to genres like Illbient and Rhythm Industrial at the same time, evolving into more of a experimental take on noisy DubTechno over time. With "Ambient 1" we see Sascha Müller explore an ultra calm, spatial and stripped down take on the genre, "Down To Earth And Back" weighs in playful, Plaid'esque IDM for advanced dancefloors, "Follow Me Into The Twilight Zone" gets back into Ambient territories although this danger-inducing, approx. 12 minutes work out causes more inner unrest than providing calm relaxation which is later on served by the following Gong Ambient vision of "Gong 03" before "Tantra" brings on dry, stripped down Minimal Techno in its original, 'troity sense and therefore is a stunning club tool for all DJ's out there. Furthermore "Gong 04" proceeds on the path beaten by its predecessors, "Temple TROB" kills braincells with a hard hitting, merciless Techno attitude and the final "Timeshift" explores glitchy, filtered Electronica / Phonk abstractions for a minimalist, yet fascinating and well melodic closure. An excellent selection, this.


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