Friday, June 01, 2018

baze.djunkiii Charts 06/2018

01. Taylor Swift - Reputation [Big Machine Records]
This might come as a surprise but Taylor Swift's "Reputation" is not only the first full on major league Pop album that made its way into my collection in decades, but defo is - by far and no matter what's to come later in 2k18 - my personal most favorite album of the year. Well amazed by "Look What You Made Me Do" at first sight, later on fully hooked by "Delicate" I took a chance and ordered the double picture vinyl as a shot into the blue and became addicted to TayTay's well interesting songwriting approach and thrilling song structures paired with a well thought out electronic production taking in influences from contemporary urban music as well as big scale, yet not cheesy EDM in terms of panorama breakdowns, resulting in a massive selection of bangers including "I Did Something Bad", the uberly soulful "Don't Blame Me", sing-a-long anthems like "Getaway Car", the surprisingly Drum'n'Bass-oriented "Dancing With Our Hands Tied" and many others which are on heavy rotation ever since I bought "Reputation" in early May. The old Taylor is dead and we're glad we've been heavily flirting with the new one for the past weeks. Instant classic!

02. Jana Rush - Pariah [Objects Ltd. 006]
Straight from Chicago we see Jana Rush coming at us with her first ever full on artist album despite being on the scene for more than two decades now. Presenting a stripped down, dry and well futuristic approach to Juke / Footwork and related bass heavy genres like abstract Electro or even straightforward GhettoHouse the windy city producer caters a timeless twelve track menu that's about to rock hard on advanced dancefloors for a reason. Check "Chill Mode" for an anthem!

03. Ceephax - Camelot Arcade [WeMe Records]
Andy Jenkins a.k.a. Ceephax Acid Crew a.k.a. Ceephax is back with an epos of an album, bringing on 13 tracks on 3xLP vinyl, astoundingly not focusing on quirky Acid excursions but more on a beautiful, oftentimes Pop-ridden ItaloDisco meets House tip, sporting exquisite melodies and warm vintage synth pads for lovers, especially in the lovely opening shot "Trusthouse Forte", the all-embracing SlowHouse cut "Life Started Tomorrow", the playful 80s Italo Electro-cut "Creon Happy", the uplifting retro killer that's "Path To The None" or the raw 8bit fanfare beauty presented in "Shadowphax Part II" just to name a few. Recommended.

04. DJ Call Me - Marry Me [Highlife 017]
Is this what one calls a novelty record? The most cheesy, kitsch-dripping Highlife love song one could ever think of, sporting an over the top remix not short of EDM- and commercial HardTrance-influences for sure. Madness.

05. Sascha Müller - Untitled [Psychocandies SMSM 1.02]
See review for details...

06. Andrew Soul / Dirtbox [KilleKill House Trax 010]
GhettoHouse / Chicago Basement anyone? This quite unexpected stamped 12" whitelabel on KilleKill House Trax caters exactly five variations of this. Raw, rugged and unpolished dance tracks for Hardcore House fanatics and oldskool jackers alike, accompanied by an additional b-boy / breakers Electro outing. Good stuff. Check! Especially for Dirtbox Ice-T.-sampling uberhit "SMMFD".

07. Bart & The Bedazzled - Blue Motel [Lovemonk / Legere Recordings]
Thrilled by the video to "The House That Built Itself" I directly picked this album up at the offices of my longtime mates of Legere Recordings in Hamburg, not necessarily knowing what else to expect from Bart & The Bedazzled other than this captivating Soft Rock dancefloor smash also suitable for an open minded Indie audience. Whilst the initially mentioned song remains my favorite tune on this longplayer by far the whole 70s Yacht Rock feel of these eleven songs is well charming and defo a good listen for a hot summers evening, especially topped with a classic longdrink - a Tequila Sunrise, maybe?

08. Paul St. Hilaire & Rhauder - Reconstructed III [Sushitech Records]
DubTechno is a classic. On a more uptempo tip we see Paul St. Hilaire & Rhauder being reworked by the likes of Soulphiction, Leonel Castillo and Mark & Matt Thibideru, all of them providing timeless, floating dancefloor fodder mixed up with deep Reggae-oriented lyrics for all those DJ's still knowing about the meaning and importance of  'deepness'. If you love labels like Mainstreet Records or Burial Mix for a reason, these tunes are made for you.

09. Andreas Davids - Die Erinnerungen Meines Vaters [self-released]
See review for details....

10. Mannik - Buy This Record To Become A Genius [Knite Force Records 073]
Is this the return of Happy Hardcore / Happy Breakbeat? Knite Force Records has made an obvious comeback to the Breakbeat scene and Mannik caters the 2018 essence of the genre with four tunes, sample heavy and on neck-breaking speed, providing a high octane journey for all those familiar with the dark side - especially with the "Anasthasia" and The Prodigy ripping Rave killer "Computers Are Taking Over The World" and the hoover-heavy bleep tune "Everything Is Getting Dark (Wanna E)" both to be found on the B-side. Proper!


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