Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Andreas Davids - Landscapes [Inner Demons Records 022]

Put on the collectors circuit via the US-based imprint Inner Demons Records earlier this year is Andreas Davids' limited to 42 hand-numbered CDr EP named "Landscapes" which is surely a hard to find offering by the longtime producer and, most prominently, Xotox founder. Opening with "Mountains" we see the Paderborn-based producer bring on a meandering, ever changing Ambient padding unfolding over a metallic, surely Industrial-informed Electronica foundation building up into well complex, multilayered slow-motion breakbeats, the "Sea" comes across as a defo more dangerous and intense sonic territory, holding imminent threats for those crossing droning waters whilst the "Coast" is meandering in between dry Rhythm Industrial and Gescom'esque Phonk for highly advanced dancefloors and the final "Underwater" excursion takes us deep into the blackest of all subaquatic vaults, moving slowly like a creeping giant from an unspoken of past, somewhat meandering the line in between slow motion Electronica and echoes of Illbient with tones of an overwhelming presence whereas grinding, maelstrom-like noises are filling the background voids, presenting us with a mirror of our most innerself abyss. Track this down for a reason!

EP artwork on Instagram!


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