Monday, May 28, 2018

Cuts - Exist [Village Green Recordings]

Brought to us via Village Green Recordings in late April, 2k18 is "Exist", the new album by Anthony Tombling Jr employing his artistic moniker Cuts to release the music used in his experimental film of the same name. Inspired by an H.P. Lovecraft-poem and Tombling's own experiences with sleep paralysis the album starts with "Dream Voyager", reminiscent of classic Tangerine Dream-material at first before turning into epic, slightly kitsch-dripping panorama Ambient bringing on echoing voices  and hard hitting, dramatic drums whereas "The Dead Beast Returns" comes across as a racing drum affair cutting off for a surprisingly crystalline breakdown introducing both elements of (Neo)Cosmic and trancey Leftfield Pop. Facing "Damages" we're confronted with nearly 9 minutes of droning Ambient turning into deep, grooving Electronica with a dubbed out twist, once again slightly gravitating towards Pop'd out territories with its dreamy female vocal arrangements, "Nemesis" provides spiralling, ever morphing rays of light for a journey into other worlds and the rhythmically complex tune "Body Parts" fully lives up to the score'esque nature of Cuts' compositions, slowly unfolding a whole universe of emotional landscapes within a little less than seven minutes. Furthermore "The Visitor" unravels a pounding take on pad covered heavy Electronics, "Bunsen Burner (Original Version)" plays around with lovely, all embracing and warm vintage Synth arrangements and the concluding "Bunser Burner Rdx" is well, waving goodbye on a slightly more reduced level, yet keeping things on par with the warmth and retro feel of the original cut.


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