Monday, July 09, 2018

Moskus - Mirakler [Hubro Music Promo]

Set for release on August 31st, 2k18 is Moskus' "Mirakler", a new album outing created by the Norwegian trio which, once again, is about to be put on the circuit via the buzzing Hubro Music label. Bringing forth an overall count of thirteen tracks the album starts on an intimate, naturalistic flow with "Anslag", provides folksy dance tunes like "Irsk Setter" and drifts off into loopy, piano-driven melancholia with "Sang Til C", even gets into synth driven sci-fi retrofuturisms on an Easy Listening tip with "Voyager", mixes up minimalist, fever'ish tribalisms with what seems to be accordeon-emulating melancholia and jazzy organs. More and bits of 70s Psychedelia are to be found in the 78 seconds of "Min Venns Skaperverk", "Jailhouse Art Music" comes across as a score'esque take on Jazz Noir whilst the short skit that is the cryptically titled  ""," is an eerie piano rondo coming in from outerworldly realms. Pure as snow, this is.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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