Sunday, August 12, 2018

Møster! - States Of Minds [Hubro Music]

Scheduled for release on the Norwegian Hubro Music-imprint on September 7th, 2k18 is "States Of Minds", the new double album effort created by Møster!, a massive band outfit created by sax player Kjetil Møster which features members of the well-known Motorpsycho as well as other greats on the bill. Going in with an overall menu of ten tracks spread over two CD's Møster! opens with "Brainwave Entraiment", a 20 minutes monster of a tune dabbling in score'esque vintage synths as well as in krautsy, yearning, experimental Progressive Rock-realms whilst even incorporating elements of Dub and, somehow, Ska elements as well as deep listening Ambient breakdowns whereas the follow up "Unhorsed By Chivalry" brings on a dubbed out fusion of complex, thundering drum Funk and electronic elements as well as heavy guitar distortions and tripped out SpaceJazz before "Plate Sized Eyes" weighs in 64 seconds of off-kilter slide guitar twang. Furthermore we see "Mystere" taking on solid, down-to-earth instrumental Desert Rock and "Bow Shock" providing full on fiddly experimentation with drums, guitar and loads of echoes and reverb. Going into the second disc the 22+minutes main piece "Life Wobble" starts out on a loose, rhythmic base both infused by Jazz Noir and marching drums sporting dreamy space guitars and - well... - wobbly, organic bass waves for the mind turning into a maelstrom'esque experience over the course of the tracks evolution, the "Phantom Bandotron" unleashes a surprisingly twangy, relaxed and partly even Easy Listening-infused BarJazz / Downtempo vibe and "Sounds Like A Planet" indeed comes across as a swampy, extraterrestrial sci-fi sound experience of an experimental kind. With "Mon Plaisir" Møster! caters more deep, laid back relaxation for hot summer days and the final cut "What A Flop Waking Up" even explores some kind of multi-layered tribalisms in combination with modified sax and clarinet outings to a well fever'ish effect. A lot to take in here, yet a well interesting musical construct  for sure.

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