Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Kammerflimmer Kollektief - Desarroi [Staubgold 136 Promo]

Oh what teaser it was when the experimental music stalwarts of Kammerflimmer Kollektief revealed their cover of S.Y.P.H.'s legendary "Zurück Zum Beton" prior to the release of their latest album "Desarroi" which has been put on the circuit via Staubgold in late February - a Dub-induced vision of PostRock Pop that transferred the intransigent lyrics of the German underground classic into thrilling new spheres. With expectations fired up like this their new album is, at least at the first listening session, a bit of a tricky one as "Zurück Zum Beton" is their only excursion into more accessible and vocal driven fields, although the deep Downtempo-influenced, atmospheric and somehow, quite strangely Scottish Medieval Folk reminiscing "Desarroi #2: Grundstürzend" might be regarded as well-accessible by some. But other than that the musical outfit sets out to explore more abstract realms, all Future Jazz / Electronic FreeJazz-related but of varying temper. We see slap bass freestyles teaming up with eerie, space strings and tripping synth freestyles like in "Free Form Freak-Out", fluffed out Ambient guitars accompanying vocal romanticisms - "Evol Jam (Edit)" -, harmonica-bound Dub acoustics with an all embracing, super-peaceful flow of sheer pulchritude as well as the dark, droning Hell Jazz excess brought to us by the mysterious, untitled CD bonus track that starts out on a minute of totally flattening silence before the ritual madness begins. Challenging, but defo worthwhile to take on the challenge.


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