Thursday, August 09, 2018

MAP 71 - Void Axis [Fourth Dimension Records / Foolproof Projects]

To be released as a collaborational effort between Fourth Dimension Records and Foolproof Projects on September 3rd, 2k18 is "Void Axis", the fourth album created by Brighton-based duo MAP 71 which are catering a new serving of nine tracks within a little less than 40 minutes runtime, opening with the galloping vintage synth meets intense Spoken Word (No)Wave-cut "Primary Radioaction" followed by "The Prefab", a stripped down, hypnotic homage to the Ingenious Dilettantes movement as well as "Nuclear Landscapes" employing thundering drums and a well postapocalyptic feel for a reason. With "The Future Edge" we see MAP 71 travel forward in time, bringing on a cold and well sci-fi feel whilst  "Minimal Bridget" brings forth heavy, war drums and brutal barrage fire for an ultimate apocalypse before "Armour And Ecdysis" provides more of a multi-layered, postapocalyptic edge of madness for those who can take it. Furthermore "Neonsignquietlife" is quite a hit for advanced SynthWave- / (No)Wave-dancefloors, "21-12" drifts on into a cold, abstract beat foundation and robotic vibes as well as abstract Chicago House-references synthwise before the final "Skeleton Gang" provides the projects take on echo-heavy, dubbed out, yet noisy musical madness. Highly recommended!

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