Monday, August 27, 2018

The Necks - Body [Fish Of Milk / ReR Megacorp]

Put on the circuit as a split effort between the labels Fish Of Milk and ReR Megacorp on August 14th, 2k18 is "Body", the latest full on body of work created by the instrumental trio that is The Necks. Catering the 20th full-length album in their career the band presents another epic, that means approx. 57 minutes, one track effort which starts out on a deep, emotional PostRock- / Ambient-tip sporting playful, intricate piano melodies, panoramic strings and a DarkJazz-oriented, slowly floating rhythm signature before drifting into organic Deep Listening territories, meandering in between tension and mystique carried by simple, yet magic piano chords and levitating electronics before spiralling acoustic guitar strumming introduces the compositions next sequence around minute 21 or so.  Over the further course of "Body" The Necks progress into powerful, still piano driven instrumental Rock / Jazz Rock, suddenly breaking down into beautiful, calm melancholia around minute 40, waving farewell on a wave of single piano notes and sunset atmospheres for the remaining 16 minutes. Lovely.

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