Saturday, September 22, 2018

Jlin - Autobiography [Planet Mu Promo]

Scheduled for release on September 28th, 2k18 is Jlin's new album "Autobiography (Music From Wayne McGregor's Autobiography)" which is once again released via Mike Paradinas' Planet Mu-imprint. Technically not an album but a score for a dance choreography realized by Wayne McGregor we see Jlin deliver approx. an hour worth of new music here, split up into 13 tracks overall and starting with the "1st Overture (Spiritual Atom)" which is not only paving the way for thing to come but also turns out to be a piece meandering in between Ambient and sparse sci-fi Electronica instead of Jlin's signature Juke-related efforts of her previous releases. These things start to come into play with "Annotation", merging commercial bigroom Rave melodies and GhettoBass-signatures whereas "Carbon 12" brings on dreamy melodies and ethereal non-vocal choirs in combination with Electronica-referencing beat structures whereas "Unorthodox Elements" comes across as an outing of mechanical aggression, "Anamnesis (Part 1)" fully indulges in beautiful piano romanticisms before drifting off into Future Tribal-realms for a bit and "The Abyss Of Doubt" is maybe the darkest, most abstract, cut up and fascinating bit on this album for a reason. The follow up "Mutation" stays on the beaten part of eternal pitch black darkness, "First Interlude (Absence Of Measure)" goes in deep in terms of free floating atmospheres and all sorts of field recorded sounds put into new use - including a ticking clock, ironically, and "Permutation" caters killer RoboJuke for a well-intense, dystopian future. With "Kundalini" we see Jlin explore the stereo field whilst fusing a more oriental approach with elements of SinoDubstep, "Anamnesis (Part 2)" harks back to the piano romanticisms of its predecessor, "Blue I" caters more piano alongside kitsch-dripping synthesizers and tribalistic, African chants and percussions before the concluding "Second Interlude (The Choosing)" waves goodbye in a large scale Ambient manner, paying homage to the production and compository techniques of early Synth pioneers influential to the sound of electronic music today. Check.


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