Thursday, September 20, 2018

Laurel - Dogviolet [Counter Records]

Released via Counter Records on August 24th, 2k18 is "Dogviolet", the longplay debut of British singer Laurel which already has been featured on these pages with her song "Adored" taken from the album as well as her previous "Park EP" back in 2016 for a reason. On her first full length delivery we see the young talent, which rocked two headlining UK tours this year, opening the show with a "Life Worth Living" - a stripped down, yet extraordinary powerhouse of an emotional, heartfelt Pop ballad followed by the seductively, spatial bop that is "All Star", a tune which probably could've done better with a little less reverb on the vocal part, before the "Same Mistakes" go up a more (Blues)Rock-oriented alley stylewise and cruising along the "South Coast" is an intimate, ethereal and slightly twangy, off-kilter affair. "Hold Tight" brings on a large scale panoramic feel with a little bit of a late 70s flair, the "Sun King" sees Laurel going into full on contemplative, inward-looking ballad mode whilst "Crave" brings forth powerful 80s drums, dreamy guitar solo works and more of Laurel's trademark ethereal, high-pitched vocal performance and being "Lovesick" equals dabbling with elements of Future Soul and Power Pop for daytime radio audiences without turning commercial or away from the beaten path at all. With "Take It  Back" the British singer gravitates slightly more uplifting vibes, "Empty Kisses" serves a sweet interplay between driving beats and emotional choruses and the final cut "Recover" brings out Laurel at her most broken, vulnerable and emotional for a reason. Sweet stuff, yet the albums overall production and mixdown seems a little too midrange / high frequency focused for our tastes as we're fans of a more balanced and not that ear-piercingly sharp sound which is a little turn off taking away from the overall quality of Laurel's music.

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